8 09 2006

Well, there is news from Mediablog. It seems they will no longer offer blogs as a part of their free service.
No worries, I’ll be moving over to Blogger.com. My blog, of course, is Cherri Hankins.
I hope you will join me there, when Mediamail discontinues us here.

Well, it seems I may be working on a new tallit, or two soon. I have a client who is interested in commissioning a couple of tallit. One may be handspun wool, and the other tencel, or silk. This will be great fun. I will post pics as we go.353-0094

Classes are going well in the studio at Roseneath. Already, we have outgrown the beautiful space that I have, and I have request another, larger studio to use as the teaching studio, while continueing to use the lovely studio, as my own work studio. Stay tuned for more on that;0)

The spinning class is winding up, and I am anxious to see what my little spiders have created(just calling them that because they are spinning….no arachnae connection).

Fall classes at the Visual Art Center of Richmond,are slow to book this fall. The weaving classes are not booking quickly, nor are the spinning, but the felting classes are doing fairly well. We have a rug felting class, a hat felting class, and then the kumihimo and temari. Similarly, I have temari and kumihimo at the Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center that are booking well, but the felting class hasn’t got sufficient enrollment to hold the class open!

Well, perhaps the decrease in gas prices will help this out. Can you believe how quickly gas prices are dropping? We saw a station with gas at $2.27/gal today. I anticipate it will drop below $2.00/gal this fall.

A new spinning class will begin Sept. 18 at the Visual Art Center. If you are interested, please call 804-353-0094.
Weaving begins the next night. Both classes meet from 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm. If those days and times don’t work for you, please e-mail me for times of my spinning and weaving classes in my own studio.

Who is spinning/weaving what right now? I love to hear about your work also.




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