Where’s my son?

23 11 2006

Well, we spent our first holiday without our son at home. He is at boot camp. All day, I have thought proudly of him. He is doing exactly what he feels is right, and what is his calling. We miss him though. Although we had turkey, and some of the trimmings, pies, and rolls, I refused to think of it as Thanksgiving. I refused to sit together at a holiday table without him. He is probably cold, and muddy, lacking sleep, and his muscles ache. He is frustrated, and yet happy that he is man enough to withstand whatever a drill instructor can throw his way. He may be my son, but he is no longer a boy. He is a grown man. Although he left his clothes, and childhood toys at my house, they are no longer his, but his past’s.

I miss him, but he doesn’t live here anymore. He doesn’t live somewhere else. Just for now, he is in limbo. He is receiving basic training for his career, or job, then he might visit us for 10 days, but he will just pass through, on his way to more training, or to war. He is a man, and his home is the world, anywhere but with Mom and Dad. I hope he carries Christ with him. Although I am unhappy not to have that warm, funny, forgiving child anymore, I am happy to have been a part of the upbringing of this young man. Who else has been a part? His father, his best friend, his other close friends, his hunting buddies (both young and old), his Sunday School teachers, and his youth group leaders have all helped to raise this man. Thank you. Now, to his comrades in the service, to his DI, to all those who will continue to chip away at his weaknesses, leaving only the core of a strong soldier, an honorable man, I must say that I trust you to be faithful to his cause, and to the causes of freedom. Treat him with respect, that he will come back to us whole, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Harrison, I love you.




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