Marine Son

24 11 2006

Since this is just a flow of thoughts, I think it’s ok to continue about my son in the marines. Today, he’s probably out in some muddy field, doing push ups, or being choked by a fellow marine, to teach him how to get out of choke holds, but I know whatever he is doing, he is doing it to the best of his ability. He is doing it with spirit, and determination. To his DI:
Please know his weaknesses, and eliminate them. This is the only thing that will allow him to survive combat. If you are tough enough, he will survive to come home, and even to be a better human once he is home. Make him a part of a team of warriors who will fight to the death for each other, and will be friends until that same end. Be a strong and worthy authority to him.

To my son: You are a strong man, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Use all that you have, to make it through basic training on top! Use your head, to protect our country, and your fellow soldiers. Know that you are backed by a country of people who appreciate your dedication. We love you.




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