Learn to Weave in a Weekend!

25 02 2007

Oh, I can’t wait for the upcoming “Learn to Weave in a Weekend” class. It is March 16. I love this class, because I get to meet a new group of folks interested in weaving. These folks get what is usually their first experience with the loom. Once they get this initial experience, they are ready to either go forward into a long term weaving and fiber arts endeavor, or to realize that they really don’t want to ursue weaving and or spinning. Usually, it’s the former.
Here’s the way the class goes:
Friday night, we plan your project, and measure out the warp. Then we put in the ties that preserve the cross, and the choke ties. If we have a small class, we then insert lease sticks, and attach the warp to the loom. If the class is large, we may leave that for day 2.
Saturday, we tie the warp to the loom, and spread the warp in the raddle, wind the warp on, and then begin pulling warp threads through the heddles. The afternoon will wind up with sleying the reed, tie on the warp and weave in the header.. We will pick this up tomorrow.
Sunday afternnon, we will weave off your project, and discuss what your plans are for continueing on your weaving journey.

If you are interested, please visit the Visarts.org site.




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