Work, errors, and frustsration

24 05 2007

Here are pics of a tallit I am weaving. It is not due until Oct. but I am working toward having it done in a couple of weeks.
Somehow, in the process of negotiating this, I misread the design, and after weaving half the tallit, realized I had done so.
Now this wouldn’t be a great big deal, the warp is only about 2000 threads. But it is also hand-spun. About 1500 yards of which have already been spun and woven into the tallit.

I love what I do. It is frustrating to know that this mistake has been made, and that if I negotiated these tallitot in person, I might have caught my error. It could drive me insane, as I ordered the fiber from Wales, and it took a month to get it. I handspun the yarn, and dyed it myself. In other words, I am 100% invested in this.

I can use 1/2 of what I have woven to make a tallit bag, but 1/2 of it isn’t going to be useful to the client. Someone PITY ME PLEASE!!!!!




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