More setbacks

31 05 2007

Well, there has been another setback on the tallit. I took the hand-spun, handwoven tallit and atarah off the loom today, and wetfinished it. The navy blue dye bled! Throughout the entire tub and ruined everything. I am heart sick.
This sucks!!!!!
Well, good thing I love what I do, so back to the beginning. I learned from my mistake. Althoug I dyed the yarn myself, I rinsed it until the water ran clear. I didn’t know the dye would find a way to bleed. I should have used synthrapol, or a color catcher to remove the residual dye before weaving it. Please learn from my mistake. Even if you have been dyeing for years, if you have gotten so that it’s ‘old hat’, don’t let stuff slip. Do every thing you can to make it work, even if you are sure you don’t need to.
Gotta go, I have got a lot of work to make up.



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