tallitot commissions

29 07 2007

These are coming along nicely. The Tallit for the Georgia client is measured out completely, and ready to be spread in the raddle. My husband cut some nice cedar for me, and I made a new raddle for the Lillstina loom. The Georgia tallit will be woven on it. The due date on the Georgia tallit is just over 2 weeks. The plan is to get the warp wound on tonight, and pulled through the heddles by Aug. 1. That will leave me 2 weeks to get it woven, embroidered, and to sew the bag, and attach the atarah.
Simultaneously, I am still finishing up the New Hampshire tallit. I have finished the fabric for the bag, atarah, and kippot. Due to some stupidity problems on my part, I ran out of warp and have dummy warped additional yarn on. I finished winding the new warp on yesterday. Now, I have only to weave it off, as I will be working on the sewing and embroidery during my non-studio hours. It feels good to get these under way. I will post pics as things continue to progress.




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