Deadline approaches

31 08 2007

As the deadline for the G. tallit approaches, I continue to post images both for the client, and for my friends to see what I am doing this week. The G. tallit will ship Tues. Pics will be posted Sunday or Monday night. I have only to weave 10 more inches of the tallit, the kippah, and to complete the embroidery of the atarah, then to assemble it all. Oh, and sew the tallit bag, which I will be working on today as well as the atarah embroidery today. Saturday, I will finish the weaving and remove the weaving from the loom. Sunday, I will wet finish it and hang it to dry. Monday, the atarah and corners will be sewn on, and the kippah will be sewn (lining is already sewn and ready for assembly. Tues……It ships, unless the client comes down to atttach the tzitzit here.


dedication and beracha

30 08 2007

Just a couple of pics of the dedication and beracha.
I will write more later.

working on the tallit bag

29 08 2007

Just uploading a few pics of the progress on the tallit bag. The message:
Given with Love, Bubbie
And yes, this is me. Get me on Fat March!!!!!

Delivery Date 9/5 !!!!

28 08 2007

Oh My! I’ve got to get these tallitot done. The G. Tallit is due 9/5….delivered in his hand. It shouldn’t be any problem. Here are the photos of the talllit bag stretched and ready to embroider, and the atarah, with several letters of the Beracha on it. I have about 3-4 days work left on this….

The W. Tallit will weave up quickly. I will probably finish it on Monday. Easily delivered in time for her to take her Rosh Hashana pulpit. This tallit is actually woven to match the atarah she already had. I’ll post pics of that later, but now, let me show you the G. work, as I am ready to sleep for tonight.

G. Tallit

28 08 2007

Click on an image to view a larger version

Ok, Now that the V. tallit is complete and delivered, I’m going to post the progress of the G. Tallit.
It’s a merino warp in a lace weight and a handspun superwash merino weft. The colors are:
Body of Tallit, natural
stripes, navy, merlot, and taupe.

It’s an amazing piece. It’s handspun and handwoven as well as the dedication and beracha being hand embroidered.
Oh, I just got an e-mail from L.V. the recipient of the V. tallit. She cried when she opened it!!!!! She LOVES it. This blesses me tremendously to hear.

Back to the G. Tallit. here are some pics of it’s current state- 10″ from completion. I will try to post pics of the atarah and bag in the stages of embroidery tomorrow…..Oh, this one has handspun/handwoven corner reinforcers also and the shamash!



28 08 2007

I have taken to walking in the morning….inspired by FAT MARCH…..somebody get me on that show;0)
This morning, while Virginia and I were walking, I shot some pictures of our little village. Yes, Goochland is a Village.
Hope you enjoy them, and they make you want to come visit us sometime.

AAAHHHHH, pain relief at last!

27 08 2007

Hey folks,
Remember the posts about the pain I was in, well it’s gone!!!!
I failed to take my meds for hypertension (high blood pressure) and was pain free for 2 whole days.
As a result, and knowing my hypertension was mild, I have pitched the meds, and am calling the doc to figure out an alternative. What was the offending med? Lisinopril. Apparently, there are a lot of problems with taking this med. I was beginning to be convinced that I had Rheumatoid Arthritis. I am so thankful to have an answer to that problem;-)
On to the spinning wheel.