Plugging along

11 08 2007

Well, now that the atarah, tallit bag, corner reinforcers and kippah are woven, I feel like the pressure is off. I only need to do the embroidery on the atarah, 4 corner reinforcers, dedication in the bag, and sew the kippah……oh yeah, and tie the warp back on the loom and weave off 72″ of tallit. Whew, thought I might be overwhelmed for the next 36 hours. Actually, I looked at the calendar this morning, and discovered I was off by a day. It doesn’t have to go in the mail until Tues. No Worries. It will all get done by then. Here are a couple of pics of the corner reinforcers. They are to have the clef symbol, and the chai symbol on them. Right now, I am working on the clef. Next, I need to transfer the hebrew blessing to the atarah and get it woven. Simultaneously, I take breaks and work on re-sleying the reed so its not overwhelming doing any one thing for over about an hour at a time. Hope you enjoy the pics. Please leave some comments on the site. I love to go back and look at them later.




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