Monday’s work – kippah, tallit, etc

14 08 2007

Here is an update on the progress. Today is the day for completion of the work. The clef symbols were definitely not the right color, and my studio tech is taking out the embroidery. I went out last night, and purchased another color, matching it perfectly with my tencel,only to find upon reaching the studio that the colors look different in tungsten lighting than they did in the flourescent lighting. I suppose I will simply embroider the corner reinforcers with the tencel. With the sheen it produces, this should be very pretty, huh?
Here are pics of the tallit this morning, with just 16″ left to weave, and the kippah I wove also.




One response

14 08 2007

Wow Cherri, I hadn’t been to your site in a couple of lazy days. I have been busy getting Caroline ready for college. I love that embroidery, so detailed.

Joint/tendon pain – ice them when you are finished working. Heat them to soften them up before you work. Stretch them gently before you work. Take frequent breaks. Wear wrist wraps for support and to remind you to take care of that joint. There is some evidence that low calcium and vitamin D make the joints/tendons worst! See a rheumatologist because this has gone on for a long time!


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