pics of tallit, atarah, and corners before shipping

21 08 2007

Here are some of the pics of the last leg of the journey of creating this tallit.
The corner reinforcers are hand embroidered, and sewn on, the atarah is hand embroidered and sewn on, and the dedication inside the bag is embroidered and the lining sewn into the bag. This tallit will ship tomorrow.
Now, I am almost finished the other two in the Roseneath studio also. One is completely handspun…..we will discuss that one in more detail after it is in the hands of the client, and one is very quick. commercial warp, commercial weft, both superwash wool, so they have woven up quite quickly. As a matter of fact, the easy one didn’t get a bag, atarah, any embroidery, or other embelishment. It’s just a straight up, fast one. It’s for a Rabbi. I will shoot pics if it doesn’t fledge the studio before I can get one.
Take care, enjoy the photos, and leave comments.
Talk to you later.




One response

22 08 2007

I loved reading the progress of the weaving of the tallit. As a novice weaver struggling to finish warping for a set of dishtowels of only 490 ends I can’t even imagine warping 1600 ends of slippery tencel. Or imagine the speed with which you accomplished it all. The tallit turned out very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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