Deadline approaches

31 08 2007

As the deadline for the G. tallit approaches, I continue to post images both for the client, and for my friends to see what I am doing this week. The G. tallit will ship Tues. Pics will be posted Sunday or Monday night. I have only to weave 10 more inches of the tallit, the kippah, and to complete the embroidery of the atarah, then to assemble it all. Oh, and sew the tallit bag, which I will be working on today as well as the atarah embroidery today. Saturday, I will finish the weaving and remove the weaving from the loom. Sunday, I will wet finish it and hang it to dry. Monday, the atarah and corners will be sewn on, and the kippah will be sewn (lining is already sewn and ready for assembly. Tues……It ships, unless the client comes down to atttach the tzitzit here.




One response

31 08 2007

You really do beautiful work – what a talent! I hope to learn to weave one day.


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