Corporate workshops and other worthwhile fun

26 09 2007

Things are moving a little slowly right now. I am in between one busy season and another. This time next week, things will be hopping again. For now, I started taking my watercolor class again today. I have a project planned and it is a fiber still life. I have probably posted the picture I intend to use, but will attach it to this e-mail, so you can see it.
Yesterday, I did a fiber demonstration at Innsbrook for the corporate folks there. It seems the Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen is offering corporate workshops. This is an opportunity for artists to come in for an hour or two and give “duck and punch” art/craft sessions. It helps refresh and revive personnel at seminars, and can be used for team building. I had a great time at
“The Place”. Food was catered by Expressions. They actually sponsored the event and the food was wonderful!!!
The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen is really good about community outreach and very open to ideas about class offerings. They are good people.
In addition to visual art, they are very supportive of the performing arts, and the performances I have been to there, were worth every penny spent!
Thanks for inviting me CACaGA!

Who is Lysle?

23 09 2007

I want to say that I spend most days completely immersed in weaving, felting, fiber art, and tallit. It’s my job, and I produce it, teach about it, study it, learn it, and build my websites about it, so when I am with a friend from outside that, in an environment outside it, I can be dense.
A friend of mine, from completely outside my professional world, commented on having visited my blog, and asked who Lysle is. I was completely blank. I have been married for 20 years, and live in the country, fairly isolated from a large circle of friends, so I usually can flip through my memory bank, and figure these things out. Well, Marvin asked about Lysle (mentioned in my last entry), and I was still thinking about the kids at church, and the realm in which I know Marvin, and then I jumped over to the blog, and have been chronicling my tallit deadlines, and just couldn’t come up with an answer.
When I re-visited my blog, there was Lysle, with a lovely superwash merino warp on him, so I must explain.
I own a swedish loom called a Lyllstina. Like some other weavers I know, I shortened that to Lilly, and thought I would be quite content to call my little swedish girl lilly. Not so. Turns out that I have never named a loom before, and this one just became more of a male persona, so I named it Lysle. The “i” sound is a long vowel and the ‘s’ is silent, so it rhymes with crocodile. That’s who Lysle is. I do weave tallitot on Lysle, but right now, I am weaving a piece of cloth that I am embroidering on as I weave. Just enjoying some few days of freedom before the schedule begins to ‘log jam’ this fall.
Will write more later.

Life after commissions

13 09 2007

MMMMMMM, I am sooooo chillin’. I spent 2 days just working out the kinks from working so hard this summer. This afternoon, I looked at Lysle, and he still had a little warp on him, so I decided to throw good money after bad and weave off the waste. Who cares that there isn’t enough warp to actually make anything. Well, perhaps a yard of fabric, but what to do with that?
Doesn’t matter that it’s fairly expensive suprerwash merino either. Because in fact, we weave because we can….. Am I right?
It’s like when I’m knitting. I’m not making a thing but busy hands. If something results, it probably wasn’t due to a conscious effort.

Oh, here are pics of the waste. It’s not lovely, but it feels good, and maybe one day it will be a part of some pieced work. Well, Lysle awaits.

The calm after the storm

12 09 2007

AAAAHHHHH, It’s quiet. The loom is still, and the stress level reduced to a lull for a classic type A. All the commissions are filled, and I can finally take care of some of the day to day things. Housekeeping is #1 on my list. Both literally and figuratively. My home has needed my attention for 2 months, and now is the time. Similarly, my websites have needed updating, my advertising has fallen to nil, etc.
Yesterday was spent finally putting together the essentials for the residency this fall. I’m working in 2 Richmond City Schools to share my love of the fiber arts with a core group of 1st graders. Hooray! We will have a kick-off at the local children’s museum, and then 6 weeks of working in the school system with those kids, and their teachers. We will have a teacher’s workshop where the teachers will make some felt jewelry. I am really looking forward to this;0)
And those of you who know me, know I love this age group. It’s the same age kids I work with at church.

If you are looking for any of my classes, yahoo has an event based site, here: that lists events by geographical area. My events are listed under maidensweaver. You actually have to join the group, and then click on “my friend’s events”. I try to keep it current.

I have someone looking for a daytime, weekday spinning class out here in Goochland. If you are interested, please let me know and I will put something together. Right now, I still need 2 more people to offer the class. It would be a 2 hour class, once a week for about 8 weeks.

I gotta go. Oh, I forgot to mention, I am adding some links to the “links” section of this blog. Check out the Lady of the Loom, OK?


10 09 2007

Voila’ It’s done! Now, to rush to the Post office….Oh, I guess I need to calm down enough to install the tzit-zit.
Here are the pics.

more pics of W. tallit

10 09 2007

Additional pics of the W. tallit.

W. tallit

10 09 2007

Still striving on this tallit. It is past deadline, and I will have to “overnight” it today. Here are a few pics of it in progress yesterday, as I discovered that it was unable to be completed over the weekend, which meant re-measuring the warp,and starting over. A very auspicious time for fresh starts?