Life after commissions

13 09 2007

MMMMMMM, I am sooooo chillin’. I spent 2 days just working out the kinks from working so hard this summer. This afternoon, I looked at Lysle, and he still had a little warp on him, so I decided to throw good money after bad and weave off the waste. Who cares that there isn’t enough warp to actually make anything. Well, perhaps a yard of fabric, but what to do with that?
Doesn’t matter that it’s fairly expensive suprerwash merino either. Because in fact, we weave because we can….. Am I right?
It’s like when I’m knitting. I’m not making a thing but busy hands. If something results, it probably wasn’t due to a conscious effort.

Oh, here are pics of the waste. It’s not lovely, but it feels good, and maybe one day it will be a part of some pieced work. Well, Lysle awaits.



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18 09 2007

Hi Cherri!

This is a little off topic but may I list your blog on mine?

I enjoy reading it and admiring your work 🙂


18 09 2007

Yes! You may also come back to my site, and post your blog link in the comments if you like. That way, others will visit it until I can get it in my “links” section. Cherri

19 09 2007

Hi Cherri!

I am back at the warping mill again! Did you have a good laugh at my warp tragedy a few posts ago? I did! Serves me right. I have come back to my senses and am using what you told me to use in terms of weaving yarn. I do manage to learn something from every mistake I make.

Thanks for mentioning me!

19 09 2007

Thank you Cherri! 🙂


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