Who is Lysle?

23 09 2007

I want to say that I spend most days completely immersed in weaving, felting, fiber art, and tallit. It’s my job, and I produce it, teach about it, study it, learn it, and build my websites about it, so when I am with a friend from outside that, in an environment outside it, I can be dense.
A friend of mine, from completely outside my professional world, commented on having visited my blog, and asked who Lysle is. I was completely blank. I have been married for 20 years, and live in the country, fairly isolated from a large circle of friends, so I usually can flip through my memory bank, and figure these things out. Well, Marvin asked about Lysle (mentioned in my last entry), and I was still thinking about the kids at church, and the realm in which I know Marvin, and then I jumped over to the blog, and have been chronicling my tallit deadlines, and just couldn’t come up with an answer.
When I re-visited my blog, there was Lysle, with a lovely superwash merino warp on him, so I must explain.
I own a swedish loom called a Lyllstina. Like some other weavers I know, I shortened that to Lilly, and thought I would be quite content to call my little swedish girl lilly. Not so. Turns out that I have never named a loom before, and this one just became more of a male persona, so I named it Lysle. The “i” sound is a long vowel and the ‘s’ is silent, so it rhymes with crocodile. That’s who Lysle is. I do weave tallitot on Lysle, but right now, I am weaving a piece of cloth that I am embroidering on as I weave. Just enjoying some few days of freedom before the schedule begins to ‘log jam’ this fall.
Will write more later.




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