Corporate workshops and other worthwhile fun

26 09 2007

Things are moving a little slowly right now. I am in between one busy season and another. This time next week, things will be hopping again. For now, I started taking my watercolor class again today. I have a project planned and it is a fiber still life. I have probably posted the picture I intend to use, but will attach it to this e-mail, so you can see it.
Yesterday, I did a fiber demonstration at Innsbrook for the corporate folks there. It seems the Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen is offering corporate workshops. This is an opportunity for artists to come in for an hour or two and give “duck and punch” art/craft sessions. It helps refresh and revive personnel at seminars, and can be used for team building. I had a great time at
“The Place”. Food was catered by Expressions. They actually sponsored the event and the food was wonderful!!!
The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen is really good about community outreach and very open to ideas about class offerings. They are good people.
In addition to visual art, they are very supportive of the performing arts, and the performances I have been to there, were worth every penny spent!
Thanks for inviting me CACaGA!




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