Would you like a cuppa?

1 10 2007

Folks, I have just discovered a wonderful treasure in Richmond. We have a delightful tearoom. My parents and I went to a quaint little victorian house on Morris St. for tea today and were pleasantly surprised. The tearoom is called Cuppa Tea.
It’s owned by VMI graduate, Alan Wagner and his wife Lurline. You may order a cuppa, or ‘tea’. There are a variety of selections of ‘tea’, including cream, luncheon, asian, or dessert. Cream is basically a scone and clotted cream, luncheon is several savory selections (sandwiches/canape), a sweet (scone), and your cuppa, asian is a dim sum plate and dessert is (ahem) as you would expect, several dessert selections and a cuppa. They have a variety of wonderful tea blends and the ambiance is fairly flawless.
Please treat yourself and visit these kind folks and if you enjoy yourself, I will be expecting an invitation to join you next.
Here is a link, so you can plan your visit: http://www.cuppateacompany.com/
Have fun!




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