What are you recycling? Weaving and Weftovers

19 11 2007

Let’s call this one “Every little bit”.
First, I want to issue a challenge. Spread the word. Jan. is a good time to start putting our lives back together after the holidays, start fresh and be responsible, so let’s start with using Every Little Thing. I want yarn stores and weaving stores across the world to put out collection boxes for “Pill bottle cotton”. It’s a great way to reuse something that is barely used! My objective is to put the pill bottle cotton into use again.
The challenge is:
Take that pill bottle cotton, and make something of it! Spin it and weave it , or knit it, or crochet it into something useful or artistic. We can use up everylittle bit of what is now wasted.
I will write to Handwoven magazine, and Spin off and see if we can get them on board.
If you are with me, this is the plan.
Get collection boxes in the fiber stores in Jan. end collection at the end of Feb. and have an online display of pillbottle art by June30. If you are ‘in’, just forward the information to your group of yarnies and ask them to do the same.
Digital pics should be sent to me by June 1, 2008. I will seek an exhibition opportunity for us if we make a decent showing. OK?
Who’s in?

Next, is the “Weaving and Weftovers” agenda.
I’m having a “thrums” party, and want to invite you, and invite you to do the same. Again, it’s a re-cycle effort for using stuff that few people really know what to do with. At the party, all guests are to bring their thrums. We will have several (7) stations set up for thrums projects. While in attendance at the party, you will share your thrums, and use some thrums that others have brought, and make items from, and learn to use your thrums. Some ideas are that they are great for warp on certain types of tapestry looms, you can make a disolving interface scarf from them, and you can use them for weft in tapestries and textured weavings. If you have ideas you would like to share, contact me at recyclethrums@earthlink.net
Bye for now.



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