God’s grace and Cherri’s girls

1 12 2007

We lay awake tonight, counting our blessings, as we had a scare today. I was teaching and John was doing what he does, when we got calls on our cell phones. Now I try to keep my cell phone with me all the time. There are times, however, when it just isn’t professional for me to receive phone calls. Teaching a class is one of them. I did go out to the van about 2:00 for something to supplement our materials stash in class when I looked at the screen of the cell phone. 20 calls had been missed in 4 hours! In the midst of that was a text message from my son. That seemed like the most immediate means of an answer, as 20 voice messages would be a lot to wade through.
The message read,”Girls had accident. Va in hospital.”
Concise. That’s a good marine son. He had captured the essence of what I needed to know, except, if one is on the way to the hospital, what of the other?
Immediate phone calls. No answer, answering machine, voice mail. No answer.
Still SHOCK.
My phone rings and the daughter not in the hospital was on the line. The girls are OK. Va. is on the way to the hospital. Alone.
My hubby stayed with the well child and police to help her, as the other daughter was in properly trained hands and seemed like she might be in shock, or suffering a concussion. He needed to be where he was.
What to do? My students had worked all day to prepare their wool to felt, and we were at a crossroad.
What to do?
yes, still shock.
I needed to be alone, just to let the fog clear.
Just a few moments alone. a phone call, everyone is ok.
Shock begins to subside. There is nothing I can do. Va. needs a cat scan. Can I help?
No. Will I be a help or a hinderance at the hospital?
A hysterical mom? a help? No. I stayed and finished teaching the class, knowing that my husband and my Dad were now
with my daughters. We are a family. My Dad and my husband, my daughters, my mom, my marine son and me.
My students might be my family some times. They surrounded me with love and support today.
Thank you Jane and Emily and Debra, and Glenn. Today you were like my cousins and my aunts. You helped me to be distracted in the midst of uncertainty and trauma.
I am blessed by my family. my work, my students. I have a rich life.
Thank you God, for grace to live another wonderful day as a full family, rich in love.




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