Fun Day at Visual Art Center of Richmond

6 12 2007

In case I haven’t invited you, Sat. is a fun open house sort of day at The Visual Art Center at 1812 W. Main st.
There will be hands on opportunities throughout the departments. Some for adults, and some for the kids.
The fiber studio will have a thrums party from 2-5 pm.
Hope you will join us for this fun!

On a another note, I’m sending out proposals to crafts centers for teaching opportunities. Please check out the Touchstone Crafts Center in Farmington, PA. I’ll be there in July (6-11) teaching a class called The Serendipity of Spinning. It’s a spinning class for all levels of spinning. We will cover a variety of fibers, drafting, spinning, plying and navajo plying. In addition, participants will learn to use inclusions, and will do some fundamental dyeing just for use during the week.
Please join us. This is a resident craft center.

Please keep us in your prayers, as the woman who hit my daughters in the auto accident last week is not ‘claiming liability’.
This means there is no insurance coverage for the medical bills, or the auto bills. It also means that we will have to pay legal fees to engage an attorney and that will mean that Christmas will truly not be the materialistic, worldly holiday for us. I wanted it to be more about Christ’s birth for us this year, but didn’t imagine this would be how it would happen.

I’ll talk more later. Cherri




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