Darn, Darn, Darn!!!

21 12 2007

You won’t believe it. I went to the Visual Art Center for our facult party last night. I just stepped in for 15 minutes because I was at dinner with my parents, and in town. In that little bit of time, my mom’s car was parked outside the center (remember that I am borrowing it because someone just caused an accident that involved both my girls and totalled my own car) and someone drove into my parked car! My Mom’s car! DARN!
Someone rescue me please! I’m sure I’m sinking!

On a more positive note, at least no one was hurt. This time of year, it’s usually our financial institution that has made a grievious error, or our appliances that have all had a melt-down, or something else major. So, I really can’t complain, can I?
My life is so rich and full and warm and loving. I am very richly blessed:0)

In the event I don’t check back in before Christmas, I hope yours if full of joy!




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