Student work and "What’s on your loom"

14 01 2008

Well, there are several new students at the Glen Allen location. I knew I had 2 new students coming in yesterday, so I brought in a new loom, Had one of the current students bring in her own loom, where she had been using one of mine, and felt that we were set to go. Well, as luck would have it, we had 3 students come in! There was a last minute registration and I am full beyond capacity! The good news is that usually students don’t get on the loom the first night of class. They usually plan their project, measure warp, tie the choke ties, and the ties that preserve the cross and insert lea sticks. Week 2, we go to the loom. What a lifesaver that is! Now I have a week to find another loom. Of course, I could just weave madly and get my work off the loom I’m using…..hey, that’s a great idea. She can have my loom. How long do you think it will take me to weave 13 yards? Guess we’ll find out.

Here are a few pictures of what’s in the works. Margaret has the white on dark brown warp. That’s at Roseneath. She is making pillows. The orange and pink on dark brown is Kelly’s. She is making pillows also. The fiesta colors is Rebecca’s linen huck table runner. It’s an inspired piece. Rebecca is a very accomplished weaver. Let’s see, the grey and black reversing twill is Lisa’s. Do all Lisa’s make wonderful weavers, and if I change my name, will it make me a better weaver? Hahahaha.
Uhm, let’s see, where was I? Oh yes. the beautiful black and blue piece is a scarf that Erika is making. She is working on a sampler, using p.13 of Marguerite Davison’s pattern book. This is only Erika’s 3rd weaving. Isn’t she doing well? I’m so proud of her;0)

Well, I’ll post pics of my stuff in a few minutes.




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