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27 02 2008

I haven’t had a lot of reason to post lately. I’ve wanted to be home with my son, as he prepares for his deployment. He is a marine. I also had the atarah to do for another serviceman. Now, my son wants a tallit also. He wants his to have his favorite scripture on the atarah in Arabic. Philipians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me”.

I’m also writing proposals for the upcoming summer and fall seasons. One of the art centers I teach at finished booking for fall/winter ’08 2 weeks ago! Good Job. This summer, I will be offering a Learn to weave in a week class at the Visual Art Center of Richmond – http://www.visarts.org
I will be teaching “The Serenity of Spinning” at Brookfield in Connecticut, A week of felting at Visarts, 3 weeks of youth classes at Visarts, a week of “The Serenity of Spinning” at Touchstone in Farmington, PA in July, a Learn to Weave in a Weekend class at Visarts in June, Rigid Heddle Weaving in July – Visarts, Tapestry Weaving in Aug – Visarts and back in Connecticut in August for a Felting Intensive. That’s a weeklong class of full days of wetfelting! That one is gonna be FUN!
Touchstone, in Farmington, PA is a residential craft school, and I hope you will join me there. I will be teaching good spinning technique, and finding your rhythms with the wheel.

As I mentioned, my son’s deployment is imminent. I have seen him for the last time for about a year. Already I miss him.
I’m talking to a potential client about weaving a couple of organic plant fiber tallitot. We’ve talked about organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo. We looked into ingeo and soysilk as well as tencel also. Embarking on a new tallit commission is always a joy.
Let me peek and see if I have any new pics>>>>>>Oh, here are the kids in the after school program at their looms and with their work. They are sweet, sweet people.




One response

28 02 2008

I just stumbled across your blog today! You seem like a very talented and busy woman. I’ll have to check back again soon and see what new projects you are up to! 🙂

I’ll be sure to keep your son in my prayers! I know how hard that must be to have him leaving for such a long time, but be assured that we are all so grateful for his service. I don’t what we would do without our brave service men and women! We’ll be forever indebted!

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