Rigid Heddle Weaving Class in March

29 02 2008

This is just to put the information out there that I am offering a rigid heddle weaving class in March. It’s on Sat. March 15.
If you are interested, e-mail me, and we will decide which date to offer it, or will offer it both dates.
I have done the class in 4 hours , and I have done the class in 6 hours, so the length of time it takes is up to the participants.
You should count on about 5-6 hours and cost is $15.00/hr/person. I will offer it for 3 people min at that price, and a max of 4 people. I’m teaching the class in Glen Allen, Va. The zip is 23060 if you want to see if you are anywhere close.
If you have your own loom, that’s fine, if you choose to use mine, you will sign a contract, pay $10.00 rental, and return it within 3 weeks, or of course, you can buy it.
If you want private lessons on using the rigid heddle loom, you can book me at an hourly rate of $35.00. It’s a great low budget way to break into weaving.




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