Staying in touch

15 03 2008

This post is just to stay in touch until my camera return from Florida, where my daughter is on Vacation. I’m teaching another session of Art After School at the Visual Art Center of Richmond.
This session, I’m teaching weaving, but some of the students have been in my class long enough that they wanted me to teach them something else before they ‘graduate’ up to high school, so I’m teaching them to crochet granny squares. That’s a real lesson for me, because it’s something I’ve always wanted to learn.
I called my friend Emily, and hired her to teach me. She is a wonderful teacher, and within an hour, she had me feeling like a ‘master’ at crocheting granny squares.
Several folks have been communicating with me about tallitot, and perhaps a new commission will be on the horizon soon. I’m measureing the warp out for a tallit for my son in the USMC.
I am getting ready to begina Tues. morning weaving class at Roseneath. Just 2-3 students, as I don’t want to crowd the studio. If that doesn’t materialize, I may just enjoy having the studio less full for a while, as I enjoy working there more when there are fewer looms in the space. It also allows for the summer sewing class that I like to offer for teens. This year, I would like to have a crochet klutch also. We will see if that happens, as there is not a great deal of room.
We’ll talk more later.




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