Spring meanderings in the studio

25 03 2008

MMMMMM, today was a play day in the studio. It is the 4th day in the past 7 that I have gotten to go in and weave a simple strain of thought. I measured a warp several months ago, that I wove a scarf that I love with. It is the handspun weft in blues and greens I wrote about in Jan or Feb. Well, there was a lot of that nice superwash merino yarn still on the loom, and I didn’t know where to go with it. The loom was dressed for a diaper weave, but I don’t really like overly “busy” work. I love patterns and the more intricate the better, but not to cover an entire piece unless it is camoflauged like the blue/green scarf.
Anyway, I decided to weave the diaper with a twist. I would weave each pattern shot twice, once in cherry blossom, and followed by one in fuschia. The piece uses tabby, so it didn’t create a problem, but did elongate the diaper a bit. That turned out quite lovely, but too busy for an entire piece. So I scrutinized the pattern and realized that the 3rd and 4th blocks didn’t have terribly long floats and I could alternate those throughout the piece and have a piece that had spots ‘scattered’ across it.
I liked it, but the spots were awfully close together with both and A and a B tabby between, so I extended the tabby to be A,B,A. Still too close, so I continued adding another tabby after each set of 2 pattern shots until I got to the center of the piece. I liked it. Now, I need only reverse the pattern to get to the other end.
Easier said than done, Verdad?
I have also done some spring cleaning in the studio. It was looking rather heinous with yarn fuzz under every loom, and thrum shorts strewn around along with tools that haven’t been put away, etc. My precious little orchids were so happy that they swayed to the rhythm of “Rite of Spring” (Stravinsky, not Angels and Airwaves).
Twas a joyous day in the studio today. It was topped off by a friend bringing by a little ailing orchid who needed a play date with mine and was hence adopted into the studio!!!!Hurray.
Looking forward to seeing my students tomorrow night and hope to make it into the studio again tomorrow, although the botanical garden is calling me also.




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