More Spinning and felting

25 04 2008

In addition to the Touchstone classes, I have some classes at Brookfield center for Craft, in Brookfield, Conn. The same Serenity of Spinning class is available in June, from the 18 – 22. We will focus not only on spinning, but learning in a very success oriented session to assist you to have the greatest possible peaceful experience at the wheel. In Aug, again from th 18-22, I will be offering a felting intensive at the same Craft school. This is one of my absolutely favorite classes to teach. Join me for the fun. We will explore beginning felting, felting flatwork, felting vessels, jewelery, and hats. Come join the fun.
Pictures of sample work is included here.
Visit the class schedule at Brookfield here:


Residential Arts Centers and Spinning

25 04 2008

This is just a plug for my out of state classes. I have a fun week coming up in Farmington, PA at Touchstone Center for Crafts. Here is a link to the website:
If you think spinning looks peaceful, and want to jump in and find out for yourself, please join us in this class. We will explore wool, learn to draft it, spin it and ply it. Oh, did I mention that we will also dye some of it! Spinning wheels are provided and no experience is necessary! Just come with a desire to learn and an openess to enjoy one another in this class.

It’s time for you to finally get away, and send yourself to Summer Camp;0)
We will thoroughly enjoy the solitude of this wonderful, creative retreat.
If you have questions, please e-mail me at
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Nice gathering and Embroidery, stump work

17 04 2008

Last night was fun. Although several of us had digital cameras, we were all so involved that we forgot to shoot. One of the visitors last night was Margaret Henderson. She is currently a student at Visarts, and she is the president of the local chapter of the EGA (Embroiderer’s Guild of America). Margaret is a gifted stitcher, and I will include pics of a 3 dimensional work of hers in this post.
But first, here is a link to the EGA blog
and Margaret’s blog:

I was very impressed by this small work of Margarets and hope you enjoy the pics. In addition to being an avid stitcher, Margaret is making it a point to teach embroidery to young people.

chiengora – yarn spun from dog hair

10 04 2008

I’m working on a commission of yarn from dog hair again. People think of this more and more in the spring, as their pets blow their coats. If you are looking for someone to spin your pets coat into yarn, it should be comb out, not clip. I spin it at $.030/yd.
So 100 yds is only $30.00, 200 is $60, etc. My min. order is $50.00.
I also do commissions where I both spin and weave the chiengora (dog hair yarn).
Looking forward to hearing from you, as I’m almost finished this commission, and love working with such fine fiber.

just a couple more

10 04 2008

Here is my fav, and another.

embroidery and felt jewelery

10 04 2008

I needed to send some pics of my work out for publication and liked the pics so much I thought I would share them. The embroidery pics, I especially like the one with the needle and the shadow of the needle. More later.

Harrison is Well

7 04 2008

Some of you may know my son is military and deployed. Knowing this, I was grateful to hear his voice when I answered a call during a recent class. He is well, and thriving.
I rejoice for every day that I can say that.