Some of my finished work

3 04 2008

Just a few pics of my latest piece. It’s Murphy’s diaper. I wove one repeat of the patter….sort of. Here’s what I did. I used a tabby. For every tabby shot, I wove two with a tabby in between. The first patter shot was in red, and the second was in fuschia. It made the pattern x2 as long as it would have been if I had woven it traditionally. Then I choose 2 blocks that didn’t have long floats and alternated them throughout the length of the piece using tabby shots in between. at first I used 2 tabby shots, then I used 3, then 4 until I reached the center of the piece, then I reduced in the same manner. I love the piece. I love it’s complexity and it’s simplicity.
I’m attaching a couple of pics, hoping you can see the color differences, and what i did.




2 responses

5 06 2008

I do hope you will excuse me asking, but what is a “diaper”?

It’s not a word much used in England and I thought that the US word meant the cloth one wraps around babies bottoms. I really mean no offence by asking this, I do hope you don’t mind. It is clear to me that this piece of weaving is certainly not that kind of diaper, so the word must have other meanings? Does it mean a towel? This item you have woven looks like a scarf… so I’m a bit puzzled.

5 06 2008

Thanks for visiting my blog. Typically, when an American refers to a diaper, he/she is referring to the covering for a babies backside. The diaper weave, however, in weaving is a diamond twill…sometimes a birdseye twill.
Thanks for asking. I don’t know how ‘comments’ works in terms of notifying you that I have responded.
Hopefully, you will know. I don’t get your e-mail to reply. I’m sorry.

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