Weaving at the Visual Art Center of Richmond

3 04 2008

Wow! What a night. I walked into the Visual Art Center today, believing I had a class of 3 students tonight, and I had 6! Considering that my afternoon class is just finishing up on their looms, 6 was the max. that I could take today.
I had to cut a brand new warp off the loom that I had woven 3″ on. When I put that warp on, I remarked that it would probably mean class would be so big that I would have to cut it off….I was really kidding since there were only 3 people on the roster.

It’s a wonderful class. They have planned some great beginner projects and one intermediate project. Amy’s shawl is looking very nice, and Tess basically assisted me in teaching tonight. The students planned their projects, measured their warp, tied the warp/preserved the cross, Inserted the lee sticks, and tied their warps onto the lomos. They attached their raddles, and began spreading their warps in the their raddles.

I really like the folks in the class also. Hopefully they will be with me a while.




One response

4 04 2008

As one of the six I can tell you I had a great time and I told my husband to start looking for space for a loom when I arrived home last night.
We’ll have to talk more about teaching children. You can see some of my embroidery at:

Next week I’m bringing my camera so I can document my progress.

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