Nice gathering and Embroidery, stump work

17 04 2008

Last night was fun. Although several of us had digital cameras, we were all so involved that we forgot to shoot. One of the visitors last night was Margaret Henderson. She is currently a student at Visarts, and she is the president of the local chapter of the EGA (Embroiderer’s Guild of America). Margaret is a gifted stitcher, and I will include pics of a 3 dimensional work of hers in this post.
But first, here is a link to the EGA blog
and Margaret’s blog:

I was very impressed by this small work of Margarets and hope you enjoy the pics. In addition to being an avid stitcher, Margaret is making it a point to teach embroidery to young people.



One response

17 04 2008

It was a very nice gathering and it was inspiring for a brand new weaver to see the lovely things you and your other students have created.
Thanks for showing my photos, but I do need to correct my title. I’m newsletter editor not the president of the EGA chapter here in Richmond.

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