6 05 2008

Well, I’m in a lull. This month, I have very few dates to work. I’m enjoying the more relaxed pace. I’m running (trying to fight the obesity factor), reading in the breeze on the balcony, digging in the dirt, and of course spinning and weaving. I have measured out a couple of silk/alpaca warps, I have dressed and re-dressed the tapestry loom, I am spinning a chiengora commission, and am spinning some old english sheepdog, and in general, just chillin’.
This Thurs, I will be chatting with Julie Young of the Richmond Times Dispatch about chiengora. Apparently, it’s of interest that I LOVE to spin and weave dog fur. Anyway, watch for that article in the Richmond Times Dispatch.
OH yeah, I am finishing up my spring series of weaving classes at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond this month. I have a couple of weaving, spinning and felting intensives in Richmond in June. One Spinning intensive in Connecticut in June, Spinning intensive at a residential arts center in July, and back in Connecticut in Aug for the felting intensive. i’ll also be teaching about 14 kids classes this summer, and uhm, keep up with my own studio students and produce my commissions. Looks like a serious Type-A summer, whatcha think?

I think I better enjoy this lull. Well, you gotta realize that about 25% of classes will cancel for lack of enrollment. This year, with the economy what it is, I wonder if the kids classes will book heavier because parents will pass on the family vacation, and opt for a week or two of special day care(art camp) to make up for not taking the family vacation.
I’m already missing my intermediate weaving class for kids. The art center (won’t mention which one) opted to not do it this year. HHHMMMM????? I’ve got my theories on that one.

Well, for now, I’ve gotta go. If you want to take a class, let me know. I’m up for private lessons. Cause you know what? All those classes aren’t gonna make, and I need some new fiber buddies.




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