AAAhhhhh, the good life (Happy Mother’s Day)

11 05 2008

Wow, was that a great weekend? It seems like forever since I was home for 48 hours straight. I weeded my herb garden, and am turning it by hand. It’s been 3 years since I’ve been able to do that, because of pain in my joints and tendons. We worked like dogs this weekend. We raked and burned the remaining leaves, and planted herbs and flower seeds, my husband put up a new clothes line, and a screen door for me. My daughters gave perfectly personal gifts, and I spoke with my son (who is ‘traveling abroad’ for a few more months).
Oh, back to fiber talk….uhhhh,…..oh, I’m spinning a lot of different fibers, setting up the large 16 harness macomber with an alpaca/silk warp for weaving a gift for my son. A commission is in the works for a client in CA., and my weaving and spinning classes are humming along. Blessings abound!
Hmmm, what’s new? I have a weaving class in Mathews, Va on Wed. If you are in the northern neck of VA, and want to learn to weave, we will be working on rigid heddle looms this week. The class is from 10-4 and we will cover a lot of ground. When I last checked, there were still openings. Call Bay School of the Arts.




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