warping the Lillstina

17 05 2008

AAAHHHHHH, a beautiful sunny day in which to warp my Lillstina. I had to do a minor alteration in the loom to make it more functional, but am so incredibly happy now that I began warping it after midnight, and continued on well into the new day.
The warp is a 360 thread alpaca/silk yarn sett at 24epi. Originally, I intended to sett it at 36, but found it very difficult to wind on because of the texture of the yarn (the halo actually). If I find my camera, I’ll post pics later.
Next, I think i’ll head over to Glen Allen, and work on my tapestry.
A cartoon needs to be drawn, and that’s what has held me up, but it’s time to do it.
I have a different color of the alpaca silk warp going onto my 16 shaft Macomber at Roseneath, along with a linen rug warp on the small 8 harness Macomber there. That’s for a commissioned tapestry.
Well, too much time on the blog, means too little time on the loom, so I must go.
Don’t forget the 12shaft AVL mechanical dobby loom is for sale and looking for a good home. There was an inquiry yesterday, but she was a very new weaver and has a very nice loom. As many of you know, to begin with a dobby loom, can deprive the new weaver from really learning the basics of weaving, and the interplay between the tie-up, treadle sequence and threading sequence. Although, there are those who think a dobby loom is one of the best ways to explain the interelationship of those elements.
Of course I would see it bass-ackwards (as my grandmother used to say).




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