What’s in your World?

26 05 2008

FINALLY, a few pics. Here are pics of the current work on the Lillstina. It’s a twill derivation from Ann Dixon’s book. The warp is a brown alpaca/silk sett at 24 epi. The piece is about 15″ wide, and the warp is a hand-spun yarn from a hand-painted corriedale roving. I’m not sure it’s the right yarn for this warp, so watch for changes. Other pics are my roses…..yes, I love flowers from private gardens, but you can KEEP almost anything out of a shop.
Then there is this wonderful collaborative piece that Sue Seif is weaving. It’s an alpaca/silk warp, with a chiengora weft. I spun the weft. It’s Sue’s dog’s fur. I was able to spin a fairly fine yarn from him. He has LOTSA personality! Hope you enjoy the pics.
Sorry not to post more often, but Mom is no longer fighting cancer. She died peacefully at home on Tues. having spent time with each of her children, and Dad. My prayer was that God would be merciful in granting her a gentle ‘passing’, and I believe he did.
Now, I’m weaving on 3 looms, and spinning finn lamb, shetland lamb, wolf, and lincoln directly from the whole fleece(no carding, cleaning, breaking into locks, just pull the fleece into my lap, and spin from it. Ain’t life Grand?
See ya soon.




One response

27 05 2008

I am so sorry about your mom.

Your roses and weaving are beautiful! I have got to spin Suzie’s chiengora and see what it turns out like.

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