productive morning

27 05 2008

Last night, I put up the pics of the piece on the Lillstina. What I didn’t tell you was that the alpaca/silk gives a light, drapey fabric if woven properly. Well, the lovely hand-painted, hand-spun is a bit heavy, and unyielding to be THE weft for this piece. Besides, to me it looks a little Southwestern, which just happens not to be ‘me’. So, I spun some other hand-painted roving (yes, I just keep hand-painted rovings laying around) and got a finer yarn, still wool, but we’ll see how it weaves up.
Pictures are posted with this article. You can see the size difference. I may slip by the studio or studios today and see if I have some alpaca or silk that I can dye to go with this warp in case this doesn’t suit the “picky princess” (myself).




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27 05 2008
Peg in South Carolina

I blew up the picture and what i see is a very attractive fabric developing. It doesn’t look at all southwestern. Now, if it was blue-green and orange……………(grin!)

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