Tea Room Review – Cuppa Tea

5 06 2008

Today, in an effort to lift my sagging spirits, I took Virginia and I out to Cuppa Tea on Morris St. in Richmond. Did I review this last year? Perhaps, but I’m going to do it again, because in my arrogant opinion, it’s absolutely delightful! The tea room is quaint, the decor is tasteful, and the Wagners are charming people.
They carry many different blends of tea, more on that later, and serve an absolutely divine afternoon tea, or light lunch tea.
Virginia chose the tea, after ‘sniffing’ through the tea safe of samples. She chose Yin Yang. Perfect. Although the afternoon was hot, neither of us regretted ordering a hot cuppa this afternoon. The blend was very summerish and light.
We ordered light lunch rather late in the day (4:00, traditional tea time) and had several tea sandwiches and a sweet scone with devonshire cream and jam.
I’m sure I won’t remember the names of the sandwiches, but let me tell you what they were. There was a chicken salad with grapes in wonton paper cups that was very traditional and good. The Mediterranean tuna (to a non-fish eater) was fabulous with fresh cilantro. The roasted red pepper pimento cheese on dark bread was good, even to Virginia, who doesn’t like pimento cheese. There was one especial little treasure on the plate, and that was a lemony carrot ‘slaw’ sandwich. How could there only be one each? When asked about it, Lurline was very candid about her secret ingredient, but I won’t tell. You have to go in for yourself and try it, then ask.

The scones were an afterthought to us, as everything prior to the scones was so very good. I’m a plain scone person myself, and prefer the Double Devon cream to the more sour spread that we had today, but that is absolutely a personal preference, and nothing to slight Lurline and Allen for.

Summer is the perfect time to take a teacher friend out to tea, or take your kids for afternoon tea to re-inforce the wonderful training in etiquette and manners you have been working on. Or take your Mom, while you still have her, ’cause I really missed mine today… Today, I was the mom. Virginia is my daughter;0)
You can visit Cuppa Tea’s website by clicking on the title of today’s blog.




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