New weft on the alpaca/silk warp

6 06 2008

I’ve put up some new photos of the alpaca/silk warp with a handspun, laceweight single.
It’s varigated in the roving, and I like it tremendously for this warp. The fabric density is 50% of the density with the pink varigated. This weft was about 1/3 the diameter of the previous, and more densely spun. The colors are more subtle with this mocha warp. All in all, a good decision. I have included a couple of objects for perspective. First, I used the needle, then realized that they do come in all sizes. So here it is with a mechanical pencil that’s fairly standard. The warp is set at 24epi.
The weft seems to be weaving up at about the same.
I’ll keep you up to date on this project.

My fun little instructional video ‘blips’ are up at a fairly new website called graspr.
You can check out graspr here:
The fiber arts vids seem to be done by fair novices, so It’s a good opportunity for some more seasoned fiber artists to step up to the plate, and show some aspects of the process. No givin’ the soup away! Just a few little blips to whet their appetites for our classes folks!
See Ya on the flip side.




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