today’s treasure

7 06 2008

Today, I decided to use the loom waste from the most recent commission, rather than throw it away. I wove it into a rather coarsely woven tea towel. It’s not for most people, but it’s right up my alley. It’s a 8/2 line linen warp and primary weft, with a tow linen pattern weft at each end. Since my husband always grabs tea towels and uses them as dishrags, it really doesn’t make sense to weave my tea towels of 35/2 linen, does it?

Just thought you might like it.
Talk later, I’ve got to get back to the alpaca/silk warp.




2 responses

11 06 2008

I thought my husband was the only one tht used my tea towels as a dishrag. Must be a guy thing.
Your towels is right up my alley. I love linen and colors.

15 06 2008

My husband changed the oil in his car whilst laying down under the car on the only quilt I had that my grandmother made. He only partially learned his lesson 25 years ago on that one. I still have to be very careful.

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