20 06 2008

I’m distracted a little. Until today, I haven’t had a commission that had to be done, and in the interest of a little nurturing in the wake of Mom’s death, I have been gardening a little. I have this great little courtyard outside the studio door that I have always loved, and never had time to keep up properly. Well, my DH gave me a refurbished, old fashioned wooden-frame screen door for Mother’s Day, and it has inspired me to step out a couple of times a day and week, plant and generally stimulate the growth of beauty.
Most days, we have morning coffee here, together. We greet the day listening to the birds sing, and mentally documenting the growth of all that we plant and cultivate together. (eeeewwwww, that doesn’t sound like us at all, but it’s true)
So I decided to post pictures of our efforts.
This is my little courtyard. I’ll post pictures later in the summer, so you can see how it progresses. Beyond the courtyard and the grape arbor, you will see the garden with our beautiful squash blossoms! They are probably our favorite summer gift to one another.




3 responses

20 06 2008
Peg in South Carolina

A lovely garden. Gardening is my other main obsession.

21 06 2008

What a pretty garden! Sweet and relaxing no wonder you have your morning coffee there.

21 06 2008

Thank you both. Gardening is a lot like the fiber arts in that it’s very nurturing. I hope to get a link to pics of your gardens:0)

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