Why am I slow to post lately

23 06 2008

I know I haven’t been posting regularly this summer and there is good reason. I hate to just write to you and not add photos of the work that’s going on. Well, I started a warp at Roseneath in beautiful alpaca/silk. It’s a long warp and I intended to make a tallit-like garment for my son. Being slow to weave some projects, I left it in stasis while weaving other things. Finally, I began crossing it with handspun silk. I love it. Then I took a commission that the remainder of that warp would be good for, and I made a treadling error that I didn’t want to take out, and didn’t want to keep. The option was: cut the offending section off, use the remainder of the warp for the commission, and weave on! Right! So no pics there. My loom in the home studio has a long warp with the cognac colores alpaca/silk. And you have already seen that, so no point in more pics of the same old. The loom I was going to use at Glen Allen, was stalled with a 11 yard warp that started out to be burgundy and slate grey. I was adding stripes of a variety of colors, and some time during the week, I decided I hate the colors together, and hate that warp. I drove all the way to Glen Allen just to hack it off the loom, and throw it away! Some things are just not going to work for me. Well, I have now measured out an alpaca/silk warp (hmmmm looks like a common thread here if you will pardon the pun) for the loom at Glen Allen, but I have a new month beginning in a week and a half. That means any loom I put this warp on may be unavailable for July, and I would have to just cut the warp off.
You know……some of you do, how often I cut warps off so a student can use the loom. Well, not going to happen to my precious alpaca/silk warp. Once I get the head count for jUly, I’ll be good to go.
While I wait, I’m going to order some bamboo yarn. Although I hate to spin it, I’m lovin’ the feel of Amy’s most recent scarf. If it’s OK with Amy, I’ll post pics. She is a good weaver, and has a very good design ‘eye’.
So, I’m slow to post because I’m gardening, enjoying weaving,don’t have much to photograph, and I’m busy ripping off warps!!!! Good thing my favorite thing about weaving is ‘dressing the loom’.
Does anyone else just love to dress the loom, and really not care if they weave it off?





2 responses

24 06 2008

Yep. But only if I dress it right the first time. But I have only cut off and thrown away one warp. I feel that I must weave it off if I spent the time and $$$ dressing the loom! Why is that?

24 06 2008

Oh, and your garden is looking great!

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