Learn to Weave in a Weekend

28 06 2008

Tonight, this class begins at the Visual Art Center of Richmond. It seems like a good subject to kick-off my WordPress blog. I’ll post pics, and get started here. I really like my Blogger blog, but WordPress seems to have better Bells and Whistles.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Cherri Hankins. I weave,spin,felt,dye,crochet (a bit), embroider and really much more. But I also teach these activities, and video tape a lot of this so I can use those videos to assist my students (and to put them up on Youtube). The art centers I teach for right now are:

The Visual Arts Center of Richmond

The Cultural Arts Center of Glen Allen

Bay School of the Arts

Touchstone Center for Crafts

Brookfield Craft Center

and the newest for me:

The Art Center in Orange

Bay School will be opening a satellite location very soon (probably this fall) to bring the arts and arts education to more rural communities in Virginia. Kudos to my friends at Bay School: Kim, Grace, Virginia, et al.

I also have 2 teaching studio of my own (I don’t own them). Each studio accomodates about 4 weaving students and 1 or two spinning students. It is not unusual to have the weavers and spinners in group lessons together. During the first 2 nights of a weaving session, I don’t invite spinners in for lessons because these are usually very demanding classes, so you can see that it’s all tailored around the success and satisfaction of the student.

My own work is varied. For several years, my sole commissions were tallitot (jewish prayer shawls), but I have begun to do more and more chiengora work (I weave and spin peoples dog hair and cat hair into works of art as commissioned works). Both of these types of work are extremely satisfying, as I spend a good bit of time interacting with the client, getting to know them and appreciate them in order to create something that seems like an extension of who they are.

Welcome to my blog, and I’ll jazz it up as I have time.





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