At the Studios

30 07 2008

There is a lot going on in the studios this month.  There are 5 weavers and myself at the Glen Allen studio.  Sue is weaving napkins, I think.  Liz is weaving a mohair scarf, one Amy is weaving a double weave piece, Jody is weaving a double weave piece, The other Amy is weaving a chenille scarf, and I am weaving a series of scarves for the summer challenge.

At Roseneath, There are 4 students and myself.  Jane is weaving a table runner, Erica is weaving placemats, Susan is weaving a scarf, and Margaret is finishing her first linen warp, which is table runners.  My work there is the current commission.

All’s well.  A lady left a comment on the post regarding the soldiers that showed it as myth.  I’m never sure if Snopes is a good reference or not.  The friend who sent the e-mail is a very reliable person, I just didn’t realize it wasn’t his letter to begin with.  I have removed the post, until I hear back from him.  As the parent of a young marine who is in a hot zone, I do have strong feelings about the political climate, and how it is editorialized when reported.  It doesn’t excuse me posting something that I hadn’t verified.  Thanks to the lady who left the comment, and I apologize.  Do you forgive me?

What’s on your loom?  Are you weaving the summer challenge?  I’d like pics. and permission to post them.

Bye for now.



Mostly pics

27 07 2008


I have a few more pictures to share.  Several are the kids that took last week’s weaving class, and 3 are what’s on the looms at Glen Allen.  I’ll put them up as a gallery, and you can see the kids having fun.

At Glen allen, there is a brown and beige double weave, a mohair shawl, and a chenille scarf.  I’ll be more chatty once the summer teaching schedule is completed.


pics of the kids progress

24 07 2008

I’ve been teaching for 12-15 years, and this month, I have had more weavers finish their work in record time than ever. Hopefully, it’s that  I am becoming a better teacher;0)

Yesterday, I had 2 youth weavers finish their work on the 3rd day of a 5 day class!  They also have already measured out their next warps!  This usually does happen in full day classes, but these are half day classes, and the students did pieces that have fairly large warps.  Each warp was approx 200 ends.

These kids constantly surprise me.  One contributing factor may be that I have 2 weaving savvy volunteers in the class working with me, so the students don’t have to wait so long for me to help them when they encounter trouble.  Whatever the cause, here is a mini gallery of the work, and I’ll post more at the end of the week. 


24 07 2008

I failed to post a picture of Margaret’s beautiful fine linen warp the other day, so there are several pics of Margaret’s piece here, as well as everyone elses at Roseneath, and I’ll post a second gallery of the kids work.

Sorry I duplicated the pics. I don’t know how to delete just some of them.

Commissions on the loom and wheel

24 07 2008

Well, right now, I have a chiengora (dog hair or fur) piece on the loom.  It has taken a while to get it there, as its not comb out, but was shorn.  Of course, groomers aren’t used to ‘shearing’ a pet for use of it’s fleece, so it’s about 50% second cuts, which are unusable.  I’m struggling a little bit, but the result is very nice.  Here is a picture

The dog is part chow, and part golden retreiver.

The dog is part chow, and part golden retreiver.

Now for the kid’s work

21 07 2008

These kids worked hard today.  I won’t use their names, but will speak generally.  Several of these students are returning students, and one person in the pics is my helpful volunteer this week.  One student made prior arrangements, and measured her warp out prior to class. That was very smart.  One student is going to miss a day of class, which presents a special challenge, as the class is designed to produce a single piece of work over a 5 day period.  I believe we have already determined that she is up to the challenge.  She seems to be a natural ‘yarnie’.  My youngest in this class is a 10 yo.  Several folks are doing scarves, and several placemats, a shawl is even being woven, and surprisingly, no rugs are being woven this time.  Here are the pics.

what’s being woven in the classes?

21 07 2008

Well, I have pics of the various pieces in progress at Roseneath.  I’m not sure how I failed to shot Margaret’s work, as we were in the studio together today. I’ll try to do that tomorrow.

In the next post, I’ll include pics of the kids work this week at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond.  Since it’s only Monday, most of them are just pics of measuring warp, but you might be surprised!