Wine and Cheese Social at the studio last night

3 07 2008

What a gray-und time we had last night.  About 15 people showed up for our show and tell at the Roseneath studio.  Everyone had a project to show except the newest weaver, and she brought her very sweet hubby, and we were glad to meet him.  We had another spouse coming, but that fell through.  Don’t forget partners are invited.  Let’s see……where shall I begin……

Margaret brought in a rug from a series of very nice rag rugs using linen rug warp. These were in blues and taupes and very nice.  She also brought in one of her pillows done in a birds eye twill.  Thanks Margaret!

Kelly brought one of her creative pieces in.  It was a scarf, done in washable merino and the color combinations were wonderful…dark blue, green and purple.  It was done in a reversing twill, and alternated between the twill (repeated 2-2.5 times), and an alternate treadling.  Very nice.

Lisa P. brought a very nice cotton scarf.  It was two fairly similar valued colors and created concentric diamonds resulting in a curlie-Q in the center.  I loved it.  The similarity in value allowed the colors to blend somewhat and created a subtle quality to the piece.

Carol brought hand spun.    She also had an Old English Sheepdog/soy silk combination that was very lovely. as well as some of her beautiful colored yarns.  Carol seems to be a fairly prolific spinner;0)Great Job Carol;0)

Erin came as soon as she was able, but most everyone had already left!  Darn.   You didn’t get to see her amazing yarns.  She has done some beautiful color combinations, using the varigated rovings from Louet.  I’ll post pics of those later, as I carry them.  She then plies them in wonderful combinations.  She had some very nicely textured yarn spun from the locks.  She had this in natural, green, and a variety of blues and browns that we overdyed in class.  Erin brought a bobbin of yarn in progress, and she has gotten very consistent, and is now able to spin a very nice fingering weight yarn….let’s see you go back to worsted weight now!  It’s difficult to go back to spinning thicker yarns once you learn then (as a beginner, anyway).

Erica is back, working away on her placemats, Susan is finishing up her overshot pillows (beautiful as usual), and Margaret is almost finished her baby blanket.  Great Job!
My evening was spent catching up with some of these folks whom I haven’t seen for a while, and spinning KC.  A chiengora commission.

I know I have missed some folks, so I’ll write more later.  Sorry about that.





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