Sunday’s class is tomorrow, and ‘out of the studio’

4 07 2008

Tomorrow, which is Saturday, we are having our regular Sunday weaving class.  We are meeting at 10 am and will work until 12:30 pm at the Glen Allen studio.  We are doing this because I am teaching the Serendipity of Spinning class in Farmington, PA next week at Touchstone Center for Crafts . We will be leaving home early Sunday morning, and returning on the 12th.  There is no wireless internet access, but I’ll try to stay in touch, maybe post pics, etc.  We will be doing some dyeing, some carding and cleaning of wool and llama, and of course spinning very serenely.

If you find you have the week free and want to join us, there were still openings as of a week ago.

Otherwise, I’ll be back here and blogging after 7/13 (ya gotta let me unpack, shower and feed the dust bunnies and lint kitties that will definitely be here when I return).

OH, I failed to mention that the groundhog that we (ahem, uh) relocated from the garden left behind a family, and my zuchini disappeared a half hour before I went to pick it for supper Thurs. night.  My husband got his Bobcat, hitched up a forklift rig, and moved the entire stump that the groundhogs were living under.   Talk about relocation!  let’s see how long before they emerge just 2 feet away!  Keep me in your prayers. I really enjoy my gardening, and was VERY disappointed when my zuchinnin disappeared as I was chopping the onions to cook it with <sniff>.

Ciao for now!





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