Hitting the Ground Running

14 07 2008

Wow, back from PA for 24 hours, and classes began at Glen Allen with 2 new students, but 4 students measuring out warp at once.  That’s a busy class.  The 2 new students are planning on weaving:

1. a mohair shawl

2. a chenille scarf

I enjoyed class, am beginning to feel as ‘connected’ to the Glen Allen group as to the Roseneath group.  I enjoyed it so much that we worked quite a bit later than scheduled.

Although I don’t have any pics of my own class at Touchstone, I have hundreds of pics of the other classes  Hopefully, those pics will be uploaded this evening.  15 minutes, and I’ll be running out the door to start my youth weaving classes for the summer.  They have booked up nicely.  This afternoon, the class I teach is tie-dye. We learn techniques from the ’60’s in America, but also some shibori techniques.  Well, I’ll be late if I tarry, so we’ll talk more later.

Have you visited the yarn museum lately?


Also, please check out the weavezine, and weavecast.



Bye for now.





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