2 week weaving intensive

21 07 2008

A lady contacted me today who would like to take a two week weaving intensive in Aug.  I can only come up with one week right now, but can do the last week in Aug, and the first week of Sept. I’ll be teaching morning or afternoon, and the alternating spot would be for opening studio work.  I don’t think I can set it up for the studio to be open in the evenings, but may be able to work something out.  Originally, I thought I could do this at Roseneath, and give the students a key, but am aware that this won’t work.

I would like to see if anyone else is interested in learning to weave in a two week intensive class.  In the first week, you will learn to plan your project, dress the loom, and weave a plain weave project.  Then, you will dress the loom again, and weave a double weave project.  Week two, you will weave a simple reversing twill project, and learn to read a draft, tie-up your loom, and weave a two shuttle weave.  Whew, that was a lot.  It’s a great opportunity for folks who don’t have time for a weekly class, but really want an immersion into weaving.
Again, the dates would be:

8/25-9/5 2008

Weekends will be open studio time, so you can weave on your own, if you have your (the loom you will be using for class) loom set up.  Cost would be $800.00.  That’s 400.00/week.  It would include 3 hours of instruction/day, and at least 4 hours open studio time/day and loom use on the weekend of the first week.  Class would begin at 9 am Monday 8/25.

Please e-mail me if you are interested, or know of someone who is interested.  There will be a max of 4 students in the class. maidensweaveratearthlinkdotnet






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