Now for the kid’s work

21 07 2008

These kids worked hard today.  I won’t use their names, but will speak generally.  Several of these students are returning students, and one person in the pics is my helpful volunteer this week.  One student made prior arrangements, and measured her warp out prior to class. That was very smart.  One student is going to miss a day of class, which presents a special challenge, as the class is designed to produce a single piece of work over a 5 day period.  I believe we have already determined that she is up to the challenge.  She seems to be a natural ‘yarnie’.  My youngest in this class is a 10 yo.  Several folks are doing scarves, and several placemats, a shawl is even being woven, and surprisingly, no rugs are being woven this time.  Here are the pics.




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