pics of the kids progress

24 07 2008

I’ve been teaching for 12-15 years, and this month, I have had more weavers finish their work in record time than ever. Hopefully, it’s that  I am becoming a better teacher;0)

Yesterday, I had 2 youth weavers finish their work on the 3rd day of a 5 day class!  They also have already measured out their next warps!  This usually does happen in full day classes, but these are half day classes, and the students did pieces that have fairly large warps.  Each warp was approx 200 ends.

These kids constantly surprise me.  One contributing factor may be that I have 2 weaving savvy volunteers in the class working with me, so the students don’t have to wait so long for me to help them when they encounter trouble.  Whatever the cause, here is a mini gallery of the work, and I’ll post more at the end of the week. 




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