At the Studios

30 07 2008

There is a lot going on in the studios this month.  There are 5 weavers and myself at the Glen Allen studio.  Sue is weaving napkins, I think.  Liz is weaving a mohair scarf, one Amy is weaving a double weave piece, Jody is weaving a double weave piece, The other Amy is weaving a chenille scarf, and I am weaving a series of scarves for the summer challenge.

At Roseneath, There are 4 students and myself.  Jane is weaving a table runner, Erica is weaving placemats, Susan is weaving a scarf, and Margaret is finishing her first linen warp, which is table runners.  My work there is the current commission.

All’s well.  A lady left a comment on the post regarding the soldiers that showed it as myth.  I’m never sure if Snopes is a good reference or not.  The friend who sent the e-mail is a very reliable person, I just didn’t realize it wasn’t his letter to begin with.  I have removed the post, until I hear back from him.  As the parent of a young marine who is in a hot zone, I do have strong feelings about the political climate, and how it is editorialized when reported.  It doesn’t excuse me posting something that I hadn’t verified.  Thanks to the lady who left the comment, and I apologize.  Do you forgive me?

What’s on your loom?  Are you weaving the summer challenge?  I’d like pics. and permission to post them.

Bye for now.





2 responses

31 07 2008

There’s nothing to forgive.

As for my weaving, I recently got my first floor loom, and I’ve started my first solo weaving project. I’m trying waffle weave dish towels.

6 08 2008

Awesome. I want to see the waffle weave. One of my students made some for us last year at Christmas.

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