Last pictures of the week- youth images

8 08 2008

I’m putting up a few pics of the class today to show you what great things the kids made, but the majority of the pics are in the album at  My username there is maidensweaver and I’ll see if I can post a link there.  The kids in the felting class finished well.   Their weeks worth of bootie was a purse, a pair of slippers, an embellishment item that could be made into jewelery, or could be used interchangably on hat, slippers, or purse, and a hat.

Then the weavers finished up in the afternoon with 4 rugs, and 3 scarves, and a shawl (which I never got to see….shame on you for leaving the classroom before I got a picture!)  Here are pictures.  Remember, these weavers are very young, and most of them have never woven before, yet they measured their own warp, dressed their own looms, and wove off their creations.  Please remember to leave feedback for these young people who will, very soon, be our future editors to Fiber Arts magazine, Handwoven editors, fashion designers, and much more.  Kudos to you (!) my young friends.





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